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About Costa Seafood

The Costa Seafood restaurant is situated at the prime location on the “Golden street” Tran Phu, right at the complex of The Costa Nha Trang residences -

InterContinental Nha Trang Hotel, a new icon of modern living in the city and the latest luxury beachfront retreat. With modern design overlooking the blue sea,

cozy and luxurious space, Costa Seafood will be an ideal choice for those who love seafood.

In the chain of San Ho Seafood restaurant and Nam Phuong restaurant in Hanoi, Costa Seafood is serving unique seafood dishes and novelties. Being with Costa Seafood,

diners will be amazed by the variety of high-grade seafoods cooked with freshest ingredients in Nha Trang such as lobster, mantis shrimp, grouper, crab, squid, etc. as well as

the world famous seafood which are directly imported as Alaskan crab, Canadian geoduck, Australian abalone, etc. All of those will make the dishes become abundant

and varied with Asian fusion in general and Vietnamese taste in particular.

The Costa Seafood restaurant gathers dishes from popular to prime serving all travelers to Nha Trang coastal city. Coming here, diners will experience delicious dishes,

headed by the Hong Kong – based Executive Chef in the luxurious space, personalized service and exclusive cuisines but at affordable prices.

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